Epicor Upgrades require re-applying Custom Posting Rules anymore?

In the past when we’ve upgraded (twice before, from 9.5 to 10.0.400 and then to 10.1.500) we’ve had to enlist help from Epicor Professional Services group to get the little bit of custom GL posting rules migrated over to the new version. We’ve done some pilot testing of an upgrade from 10.1.500 to 10.2.400 and I’m scratching my head wondering if that requirement went away at a certain version of Epicor or what, because it appears that our custom posting rules are still in place!?

Here is our COSAndWIP in Epicor 10.1.500.14:

In the past, you’d see all of those revisions blocked and there would be a new revision - kind of the base rev for the new version - that would be active. But this time it seems in Epicor 10.2.400 that our active revision in 10.1.500 is already marked as active in 10.2:

And if I look down at the few customized rules, they seem to already have the custom logic in them:

Cool, even seems like E10.2.400 has an indicator for which rules have been customized.

But maybe I need to worry about the fact that now there is a “Customization” tab - or maybe by just using this revision straight out of E 10.1.500 we’ll somehow miss new features or bugfixes added to 10.2.400? I am guessing not, since I did an XML export on both versions and compared and they are very different throughout the whole export.

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For what my opinion is worth I think you’re right. We have a few custom posting rules we’ve done ourselves and we haven’t had to reapply them after upgrading. There isn’t even any mention of it in the upgrade guide.

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It is in the “Epicor Release Upgrade Guide, Epicor ERP 10.x to 10.2.500.x”, in section 3.1.9. I was looking at this yesterday.

I am very interested in both of your experiences. I’m deliberately doing an upgrade to 10.2.500 (tonight, actually) before modifying posting rules, to avoid the heartache. It will be the first time I have actually modified rules in a live database.

The guide says do the mods in the customization tab, but I have experimented only with Base because it makes more sense to me to put my logic in the middle where I need it. I don’t have confidence how Customization mods are executed. I think in testing it wasn’t predictable enough for me to use the Customization layer.

Adam, I see you used Base also. And no issues? That is reassuring.

It doesn’t seem to matter how careful I am with Epicor documentation, there’s always something I missed.

We also used Base for our custom Posting Rules. As noted by @Noffie I don’t think the Customization tab was even there in earlier versions and it certainly doesn’t seem to work in the same way. So far our custom rules have come with us from 10.1.400 to 10.2.500 done in Base, so hopefully they’ll keep going a while longer in spite of Epicor’s recommendations.


They are done on base simply because I think before this version of Epicor there was no separate customization tab / layer. As to “issues,” I should add the caveats that I think I need to get my finance team to commit to doing a bit more testing of the posting rules we’ve customized, and we have a very small number of customizations (like a couple of lines in 4 different rules), and they were originally created and then uplifted each time by Epicor Pro Services for past upgrades. All that said, so in our CRP testing they seemed to still work good.

It does make me wonder (nervously) if there might not be new “features” or bugfixes we’re missing in those rules - like are we locking those rules into what they were in 10.1.500 with our customizations forever because they are “base” customizations now?

So, I just had the thought - I should go search through the FeatureSummary documents for each version between our current 10.1.500 and 10.2.400, and I found this in the summary for 10.2.100:

That highlight is mine, and seems it may be validating my concerns? I am at a loss as to what a Virtual Business Document is though. Can anyone translate this text?