Epicor Web Access on E10 - UDFields not updating

It sounds to be like your client changes aren't making it to the EWA side for sure. I'd try restarting IIS, though keep in mind that it will disconnect anyone using it, so make sure to not do that during operational hours obviously. There are two cache pools you need to be aware of.

First is internet explorers cache, remember epicor downloads everything the first time, so it will cache it on IE's end first.

Secondly IIS publishes its files and runs off of that in an almost frozen state, I have always have to restart IIS when I was developing web apps to get them to reflect on the web side. Give those a shot maybe after hours and see how it goes, or Epicor support might be aware of this and maybe its a bug.

Good luck and you are welcome!

Hello all, 

I have a strange one.  We are using EWA on E10.  We have a customization on the Cust Maint screen that uses several UDFields that were brought along when we upgraded to E10.  Using EWA, if I update/add data in these fields and click the save button my changes disappear.  Literally right after clicking save, the screen blinks and my changes/additions are gone.

This does not happen when I'm on the client... only occurs when using EWA.  Furthermore, I've found out this does not happen with native Epicor fields, only the UDs.  I quadruple checked and I am using the same exact customization that's on the client.  Perhaps I'm missing a UD step for EWA?

Ok, few things to check before reporting this as a bug to epicor.

Is this a customized screen, if so check the epibindings on the UD fields and see if what you want them to be is set under the setup.

Are you running any data/method directives that might be clearing the fields?

Last if this is fresh off the conversion and you have never synced tables to DB and then regenerated the data model then you need too.

Let me know once you've checked all that!

Yes this is a customized screen.  Fields are bound.  Tested with all BPMs in the BO turned off, got the same behavior.  Tables are sync'ed.

It's worth emphasizing that this behavior does NOT occur on the client, just on EWA.  On the client, everything works as it should, but once you open the same screen in EWA this strange behavior occurs.
Since this is a customized screen, is it customized in VB.net or C#?
Definitely C# (for EWA purposes).

Can you check on a SQL level and see if what you have in that field is even getting saved? Also when I run into issues like this its generally because the things in intepub need to be republished , so if you can from IIS i'd restart that service and completly log out and log back in. If at that time, you are still having issues, most likely its one of two things.

1. Your data model is off and needs to be regen'ed so that the UD fields are linked to the parent table

2. The custom code is causing

     a) the field to be cleared

     b) it is not saving the field and once done refreshing the fields and clearing them out

Are any of those posibilities for you?

Also is this happening on all devices? Perhaps there is a internet cache issue, and if the customization was added to the client end first, it won't reflect to the web portion until a restart from what I understand, as the inetpub files are, once published, 'frozen' until its restarted and then a new one is published out, however, that was when I was developing a web app, so I am not sure how epicor handles that. Might be worth a support call at this point.
Excellent points!  Thank you for your input.  I'm going to start exploring these routes.  I didn't know about restarting IIS applying to customization changes; it's worth a shot.  I thought after loading the customization in the Customization/Personalization Maintenance screen and clicking Actions --> Generate Web Form would be enough to get my customization to EWA.. <-- Am I Missing a step???  What is your process for getting your customizations on EWA?

To answer your questions:

Nothing is being saved to the db when running the form in EWA, but it is saving just fine when running Epicor normally.

1, is not possible, as everything is working 100% just fine when running Epicor normally (i.e. not on EWA).

2a and 2b, are not possibilities.  There is no custom code that pertains to these particular textboxes.  They're just textboxes bound to UDFields.

Only tested on one device: PC running Internet Explorer.

I'm now running into custom buttons that don't work either.  The click event occurs, but none of my code within that event is executing.  Strange stuff.  It's like some of my custom code works in EWA and some of it doesn't... but it ALL runs perfectly fine when running Epicor normally.

Thank you so much for your help on this Mr. Mathis