Epicor's FYI News - Backups for 8.0 - Article

Hey to All,
If your going to setup online backups for 8.0 as per the "Epicor FYI
News" make sure you have OpenEdge Service Pack 2 installed. Otherwise
running the _dbutil.exe will cause one of those fun "Please Tell Microsoft
about this problem." Boxes with the subject of "_dbutil.exe encounter a
problem and needed to close". (Send Error Report) (Don't Send) You will get
the message after your next server boot. Also you should see from the wri
file created during the backup that the backup verification process was
started but never finished and appended the "verified ok" line on the end.

Patrick Winter
Specialty Screw Corporation
Live Network: Vantage 6.10.514, Progress 9.1D08, Windows 2003 Server,
Test Network: Version: Vantage 8.00.800, OpenEdge 10.0B01, Windows 2003
Server, Epicor Crystal

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