Epicor's URL/XSLT Browser & JQuery

I’ve created a Dashboard that subscribes to the JobNum from the UI and loads a dynamic link to a page on my webserver where I’m processing PHP, AJAX calls to Epicor’s API, and JQuery form validation.

In Firefox, Chrome, and IE (I had to set Intranet sites to NOT run in protected view), when I fire an .on(“change”) event to the Child Job field, it runs an AJAX call to the REST API and verifies that the job exists in Epicor. If it exists, JQuery displays the “Valid Epicor Job” message and shows the “Add Job Link” button:


However, in my Epicor Dashboard, when I change the Child Job field, I get nothing:

I don’t have a console view in the Epicor browser, so it’s hard to know what’s happening under the hood. I hoped that Epicor’s browser was just tapping into my local browser and could be changed or configured, but I’m afraid that might not be the case, and that might mean JQuery isn’t going to be usable. (Although it honors in-line javascript)

Is there a resource with more information on Epicor’s native browser, and if there’s a way to change or configure it?

For what it’s worth, this is what I get when I show $_SERVER[‘HTTP_USER_AGENT’] in the Epicor Browser:

JQuery requires IE 9

I believe that Epicor uses the EO Browser in the Smart Client for your version, i.e. Chrome. (as it were…)

Thank you. What’s crazy, is I started changing settings left and right (without testing between steps), now all of a sudden it’s miraculously and unexplainably working in my Epicor Dashboard—on the computer I’m developing from.

Now I’m logged into another computer, stepping through each change one at a time, trying to get it to work on that computer. Hopefully I’ll be able to dial it in.

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Here’s how I resolved it, if anyone comes looking in the future:

If I can get JQuery to work in Internet Explorer on each individual machine (some settings are User Profile Specific, so shared computers may need all users changed) I’m working with, then it appears to work inside Epicor. Some of the issues that have prevented it from working that I’ve changed to help it work:

  • IE >> Gear >> Compatibility View Settings >> UNCHECK Display intranet sites in Compatibility View
  • IE >> Gear >> Internet Options >> Security >> Check for any cross domain settings that would prevent access to any externally referenced URLs (like code.jquery.com in my case)
  • On Server 2012 R2 I had to turn off IE Enhanced Security in Server Manager >> Local Server