EpicWeb access

How do i give employees access to EpicWeb? Username and password?

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Login as an admin to EpicWeb and select My Contacts from the left menu. From there you can add new accounts for employees.



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Nice Chadd!

You used to be able to do it from My Organization. But the add button isn’t clickable from there anymore. Think it may be a bug in their redesign as the two other buttons work. But, same function from My Contacts.

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Thank you!

So I am not crazy… I tried to do that just today and I swear you used to be able to do it from that section.

I know you can do it from EpicCare the Support Portal it has a checkbox to add an EpicWeb User as well.

That’s not conclusive evidence.

Hahahah you got me!

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Yep - can do from here to. Always go through EpicWeb but would be quicker through EpicCare.

Not crazy! :slight_smile: