EpiUltraGrid Paste Insert

I am creating a custom Screen Bound to a UD Table. What I’m trying to accomplish is to add a new Tab, add an EpiUltraGrid with Specific Columns (Key1-Key5, and a few others) and allow users to paste in data off spreadsheets.

The Default List Tab that comes with every custom screen works fine with Paste Inserting rows.

However, when I add a new EpiUltraGrid, I always get the following error:

Application Error

Exception caught in: Epicor.ServiceModel

**Error Detail **
Message: This property cannot be set to a null value.
Program: Epicor.ServiceModel.dll
Method: ShouldRethrowNonRetryableException

My question is when you add a new tab, and a new EpiUltraGrid, is there a setting needed to allow Paste-Insert that I may be missing? Or does custom code need to be written?

There is a checkbox on the Event Wizard you need to use

This will generate several events and will prompt you to select the GetNew()… function to call


Thank you for this. I have been struggling for awhile.

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