EPR Process Review

I had some questions for my Epicor CAM, and he is suggesting that we use their consulting department to perform an “ERP Process Review” that costs about $1,500. They review all of your processes, and provide training and insight about how you may use Epicor better?

My questions for you all are:
Have you conducted an EPR Process Review?
Is it worth it?
Are there benefits to onsite visits versus virtual webex meets?

Haven’t done it myself but it seems like a steal to me to have an expert resource go over your processes and be able to provide some training.

If your management agrees to go ahead with this expertise, run for it before they change their mind !! :wink: It is so valuable,… but 1500$ does not seem a lot… maybe read the fine prints… :wink:

Before agreeing to the “ERP Process Review”, you may want to ask your CAM about arranging an “Epicor Value Exchange Workshop”…


I had a Epicor come in and review our process and use of the system at a previous employer. Some people felt that we weren’t using the system correctly or to it’s potential. I will agree there were a lot of tools we weren’t using but we did use the system well but I agreed. It was worth it for me because it gave exposure on what we accomplished. We had stopped using consultants during implementation and it was hard to do myself. The consultant gave me a few future things to think about but said the system is being used well for being a small company. We even used Epicor shop floor MES customized so we can use scanners to quickly do things. We should have used handhelds but it wasn’t a big deal not to. All in all it is worth it to have that person on site and see the facility and get a feel for the environment. unfortunately not easily done remotely. One guy came onsite 2 maybe 3 days and discovered our process. Any other company I found to do that would have been a team of guys and a week to do some estimates are 3 times that cost. If the Epicor consultant see you will need help he will recommend more services. As a note their Consulting services have gotten much better from when I first used them until now. You can’t go wrong having it done on site.

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