Equipment DMT location not being set from field

Hi All

Im Loading up Equipment records using DMT and everything’s loaded in fine except Location ID
I cant figure out why - some records have a location and a lot don’t

I thought perhaps it was a data issue perhaps that my LocID’s in my dmt file didn’t exist in the database as a location.

Howeer they do match so im confused why they are not applying during the laod

One that worked:

One that didn’t:


The example of records DMT’d:

It looks like there is an equipment location table. Is it possible that the locations that are not working in your DMT file are missing corresponding records in the equipment location table.

Do you get any errors? Or does DMT process properly, but then when you inspect things in the client, they’re not updated?

Do locations have an “parent” info (like site and warehouse), that the equipment doesn’t match up with?

Can you manually set the location (in the E10 Client) of an equipment that won’t update via DMT?

Hi Guys thanks for messages.
Equipment Location was DMT’d in fine:

My Equipment DMT references the Location ID’s and they all match -

I have just discovered if I query the Equipment locations the data is in the db - it just doesn’t show consistently on the record within the form

Do specific equipment records either always show it, or have it blank? Even after refreshing, or moving between records?

Or does equipment record A sometimes show it and other times doesn’t?


They appear to consistently not show it






You’ve confirmed that on the equipment that doesn’t show the location, the Location ID values don’t have trailing spaces or anything?

Appear to have no spaces - I think its a form display problem as like ive mentioned if I query the field it always has the data present

You could enable trace with full dataset capture, and see if it is coming through when retrieved.