ERP 9 cannot re-open sales order lines/releases

This is so strange. I posted a support ticket but I bet they can’t help. Curious if anybody here has a clue. Here’s my support post:

I have a user who was unable to re-open a sales order line/release. We cleared his cache, purged personalizations and it didn’t solve the problem.

I was literally logged in as him and as myself in two sessions. As him, I could not re-open lines/releases, but as me I could.

It can’t be a security issue since he has Order Entry he should be able to do anything in sales orders. It’s not his computer since I was logged in as him on my pc.

Is this happening for other sales order line/release?



Please make sure Sale Order should be Open and AR Invoice should not create against this Sale Order Line & Release.

If it is Sale Order Closed, first open the Sale Order, then Re open the Release & Re open the Line.

Anbuselvi Thirumavalavan

Thanks, but that is not the issue since I was able to re-open lines and he could not.