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ERP is the vast field, and being an ERP Administrator, I come across a lot of issues (Relevant or Irrrr-Relevant). The other Day, I was thinking that what should be my Job Responsibility ? Trying to collect the basics, and your help is required here:

1- Epicor Installations and Upgrades
2- User Account Maintenance
3- Deployments (Epicor and DB)
4- DB Backups and Restoration
5- Epicor Support Communications (Technical)
6- Integrations and Issues
7- Development

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Deployment Policy Control - example: designing a part numbering scheme, monitoring for users going rogue

Did not get your reply in my requested context ! Could you elaborate please ?

Database Administration
Server maintenance (Windows Updates, SQL Server Updates, disk space management, etc.)
Environment management (copy prod to test by example, manage performance issues, fix stability issues, etc)

Thanks Alexandre
I see that you have mentioned DBA as well. I was in a thought that DB Administration should be performed by DB Administrator.