ERP.UI.APP Namespace Documentation

Hey everyone,

I was wondering if there is any documentation available for the higher level namespaces in Epicor like Erp.UI.App.

What methods and properties are available for use in custom code? Does Epicor provide us with that level of information? I know we have the object explorer available from within the customization, but that doesn’t expose anything above the adapter level unless I’m missing something.

Thanks in advance!

Have you checked out any of the cusotmization guides from Epicor?

It’s not fully documented in the way you are looking it to be at that level. It’s not secret sauce or anything but it’s part of the framework they don’t expect 90% of users to be using. The only way we have managed through it is trial error, debugging, decompiling, and years of xp.


@utaylor I have unfortunately and they don’t have what I am looking for. @jgiese.wci That makes sense. Thanks for taking the time to respond both of you!

You’ll find a lot of the goodies outside of the normal customization track here in the forum. At one point or another the really helpful ones have been posted, so if you have a specific thing you are trying to do you might be able to search here and find a solution “outside the box”. God speed

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This is so true. I’ve been a member of several communities similar to EpiUsers, but this is by far the most helpful community I’ve been a part of!