Error Argument not specified for parameter VB

Hi canyou help me with this please… what is the error?

Dim ARInvoice As ARInvoiceAdapter = New ARInvoiceAdapter(oTrans)
Dim ARInvoiceDs As Erp.BO.ARInvoiceDataSet = New Erp.BO.ARInvoiceDataSet()
Dim boARInvoiceImpl As Erp.Proxy.BO.ARInvoiceImpl = DirectCast(ARInvoice.BusinessObject, Erp.Proxy.BO.ARInvoiceImpl)

Dim param As String = String.Empty
Dim bolean As Boolean = false

ARInvoiceDs = boARInvoiceImpl.GetRows(“InvoiceNum = '” & edvInvcHead.dataView(edvInvcHead.Row)(“InvoiceNum”) & "’ ", param,param,param,param,param,param,param,param,param,param,param,param,param,0,1,bolean)

Error: BC30455 - line 187 (1058) - Argument not specified for parameter ‘absolutePage’ of ‘Public Function GetRows(whereClauseInvcHead As String, whereClauseInvcHeadAttch As String, whereClauseAllocDeposit As String, whereClauseInvcDtl As String, whereClauseInvcDtlAttch As String, whereClauseInvcChrg As String, whereClauseInvcDeferredRev As String, whereClauseInvcDtlRASch As String, whereClauseInvcMisc As String, whereClauseInvcTax As String, whereClauseInvcDtlTGLC As String, whereClauseInvcSched As String, whereClauseMXInvcRef As String, whereClauseHedTaxSum As String, whereClauseLegalNumGenOpts As String, whereClauseTaxConnectStatus As String, pageSize As Integer, absolutePage As Integer, ByRef morePages As Boolean) As Erp.BO.ARInvoiceDataSet’.

As per the description, the method takes 16 string ‘whereclause’ parameters followed by two integers then one boolean. You’re passing 14 strings followed by two integers then one boolean.

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OK thans, the method takes 16 and I am passing 14 :smiley:

No worries. I’m sure even the best make mistakes sometimes.

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