Error on Update or Saving for Ice.UD20 Table

Hi Is there anyone able to help me on this funny error, I have a list of record but I hit an error suddenly for this error which without any customization, does anyone have idea on this to solve?

I hit for a certain record only not all but I does not know what is happening.

is this something related to the dll file corrupted?

Yes, it looks like dll version mismatch.


First thing would be to clear you client cache. Close Epicor and delete this folder:

Have you started adding any UD columns to the table using UD Column Maintenance?

If I saw that error I think my first instinct would be to Regenerate Data Model on the Epicor App server in a maintenance window.

Hi mark,
I didn’t add any new UD Field in this table, and i did re-generate quite number of time which hope able to solve this issue, unfortunately still same situation.
Quite frustrated and still thinking is it cause by dll version issue, but if it is, then it should be hit an error all the time which I still able to add some record and edit but few may not with this error.

Hi Jason thanks for your response, do you mean the folder at server or the client PC, and is there any impact? Is this folder able to auto re-create by system?

It would be wherever you are running the client. The folder is simply a cache that is recreated when you use a screen, etc. Be sure your client is logged out though and no other user is logged into that computer.

Ice.Data.Model.dll is a server side assembly, I wouldn’t expect that to be in the client cache.

If you’ve already regenerated the data model, did you also Recycle the App Server after that?
Are you running multiple app servers pointing at the same DB? Again, you would need to recycle each app server after regenerating data model.

I would try a recycle of the the app server anyway.