Error: POHeader Is Not Available. Workflow in Service Connect


I’m working on a workflow that creates a new PO and a sub workflow that adds lines to it.
Everything works fine until I try to approve the PO. When the workflow reaches that conversion I get the error “POHeader is not available”. I can’t figure out why since the PO is being pass as parameter to that conversion.
Any idea on how to solve this error?


This is the workflow.

The execution point where the error is thrown.

And the error.

did you look at the return dataset from your UpdateExt after creating the PO… Is it actually there?

@rbucek Thanks for the quick response.
Yes, I checked and the dataset is present all the way to where it throws the error.
The picture below shows the dataset. Not sure why the conversion is not finding the dataset.

Hi, I’m encountering this error today while trying to automate the creation of POs via the REST API. Did you discover what was the cause behind the “POHeader Is Not Available” error message?


UPDATE: For anyone looking, I found the solution here: