Error - strand child rows

A user reported this twice in a week and we had never seen it before. I don’t know the exact thing that led to it. Just that it is in AP Invoice entry. She deleted the invoice and started over and it went fine after that. Still annoying, though.

Have any of you seen this?


Cannot make this change because constraints are enforced on relation UnInvReceiptRcptLine and changing this value will strand child rows.

I found nothing on EpicCare for “strand child rows.” There is some minimal chatter on Google, relating to c#, but that doesn’t particularly narrow things down…

Perhaps “strand child” rows is another way of saying they are orphaned - I.E. Detail rows without a corresponding Header.

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Right, I am more used to the word “orphan.” And like I say this seems to be C# verbiage that is passed through into the Epicor UI.

Index is either negative or above rows count, right? All your base are belong to us.

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