Error: Sub Report could not be shown

Hey guys I created a new report style for the ARForm. The purpose of this is to use it with a BPM that will email out customers their invoices when the invoices are printed form the Group. The BPM and email blasts are working just fine. To avoid any problems with the standard ssrs report I created the copy of the report style and modified added a table to the new report style (needed an additional field). I copied the report and placed it in my custom report folder in our SQL reporting services. The report comes up just fine but on the bottom left side it has the Error: Sub Report could not be shown three times.

I looked at the log files in Sql server and found the following:

e ERROR: An error has occurred while processing a sub-report. Details: Data retrieval failed for the subreport, ‘SubRptLineMiscCharge’, located at: /Epicor/reports/CustomReports/SalesOrderAcknowledgement/SOForm_OLMscCharge. Please check the log files for more information. Stack trace:
at Microsoft.ReportingServices.OnDemandReportRendering.SubReport.FinalizeErrorMessageAndThrow()

I assumed I was missing that report in the custom folder but SOForm_OLMscCharge report that is referenced in that line is also copied into the custom reports folder under the sales order acknowledgement folder. I’m not sure where to go from here. Does anyone have any insight?

You could start by testing the subreport indepedently, just to rule that out. Open the subreport in Report Builder and make sure that there are no errors when you run it.

Hey @mbilodeau,
Thanks for the reply. Once the report is open on Report builder how would I go about running it to verify there are no errors? I’m basically new on report builder. most complex thing I’ve done is add a field to the report.

You might need to open all of the sub reports in the base report location and save them to the new report location under customReports. It is possible that when you created the new report style then sometimes I have noticed that sub reports sees that they are already there, but really needs to copy them over again and overwrite. Give it a shot.

Here is how to test a report in Report Builder :

  1. Set an archive period in the print form

  2. Preview the report then open System Monitor. Find the report and access the Report Detail tab. Scroll right and you will find the report GUID

  3. Open the report in Report Builder and click RUN

  4. Enter the GUID in the parameter textbox. Your report may have other parameters as well, just enter the required values. Then, click on VIEW REPORT

  5. If all goes well, you will see your report appears. Otherwise you will get an error message.

Use this method to test your reports and subreport individually


I will run through the sub reports and see if anything fails.