Error when printing group of invoices in AR Invoice

Whenever I try to print a group of invoices from within AR Invoice Entry (Actions\Group\Print Invoices), I get a single invoice. And it is not even an invoice from the AR Group.

If I print each invoice in the group one at a time, (Actions\Invoice\Print Invoice), they print okay.

It doesn’t matter which invoice group I’m in, the same “odd” invoice always prints. Invoice 55773 (which is about 2 years old).

I enabled tracing to see if it was when the print task is created or when it’s rendered. It look like the problem is when it’s created.

This is the first trace packet. It’s created upon selecting Action\Group\Print Invoices

> <tracePacket>
> 	<businessObject>Epicor.Mfg.BO.ARInvoice</businessObject>
> 	<methodName>PrePrintInvoices</methodName>
> 	<returnType>void</returnType>
> 	<localTime>10/12/2016 09:06:00:9787968 AM</localTime>
> 	<executionTime>31.2494</executionTime>
> 	<parameters>
> 		<parameter name='ipGroupID' type='System.String' ><![CDATA[ck-train]]></parameter>
> 		<parameter name='ipInvoiceNum' type='System.Int32' ><![CDATA[0]]></parameter>
> 	</parameters>
> </tracePacket>

The ipGroupID of "ck-train’ is correct.
I assume ipInvoiceNum is ‘0’ because it’s a group print and not an individual invoice being printed.

Later in the trace log, I see the following.

	<localTime>10/12/2016 09:06:03:2131289 AM</localTime>
		<parameter name='ds' type='Epicor.Mfg.Rpt.ARInvFormDataSet' ><ARInvFormDataSet xmlns="">
    <custList />

From the above, it looks like it’s passing both the Invoice# and the GroupID to the Epicor.Mfg.Rpt.ARInvForm BO.

Can anyone help?


In the print invoice screen, click on actions – remove defaults. Close out and then try again – see if that helps



I seem to recall something like this happening in E9 once. As I recall, it was somehow related to the user saving default values within the Print Invoices form. Somehow it gets a specific invoice saved in those defaults and then every time you print, that’s the invoice you get. Try a Remove Defaults before you print next time and see if that helps.

Trying “Remove defaults” had no effect.

And I’ had already purged personalizations related to AR Invoice.

Also worthy noting, the problem exists regardless of Report style or RDD.


I spoke too soon.

I hadn’t closed the Print Dialog window, after removing defaults.

Removed defaults, closed window and then tried printing again.