Error working with BAQs

When I work with an existing BAQ, copy it, and then try to edit that new BAQ I get an error ‘Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘DBSchemaName’)’ when I try to save.

I just removed some display fields, and a table.

Any thoughts?

Classic or Kinetic?

I’m in Kinetic/SaaS

There is a bug in the kinetic baq designer. If you delete a table or subquery without first deleting any table criteria you will get that error. And if there is a pivot on it forget it, you can’t delete it. PRB0273671


Oh Geez. That was the ticket. Thanks Alisa.

Don’t cry, its fixed in 2024.


No kidding that explains a lot. Normally I am persistent, but I just chalked it up to “thing don’t work” and gave up.

OK, cool I will actually have some patience with the new BAQ designer now!

But also, good deal. I have always ruthlessly deleted tables from the BAQ in the knowledge that the fields would go poof.