Establishing a Session in Kinetic 11.2.300

We have a custom app the creates the BOMs from a model number passed into the app. The was written when Epicor 9 was in use and was converted to use Kinetic 11.1. We are now upgrading to 11.2.300 and it appears the Epicor has change the signature again on creating this session. Our current code:

string path = @“\” + epicorServer + “\ERP11.1.100.0Deployment\Client\config\default.sysconfig”;

string epiSession = new Ice.Core.Session(userName, passWord, Ice.Core.Session.LicenseType.Default, path);

using (Erp.Proxy.BO.JobEntryImpl hJob = WCFServiceSupport.CreateImpl<Erp.Proxy.BO.JobEntryImpl>(epiSession, Erp.Proxy.BO.JobEntryImpl.UriPath))


After updating the reference to Epicor.ServiceModel to 4.2.300 I started getting compiler errors stating the JobEntryImpl is not in the class.

Prior to updating this DLL I got an error on the new Ice.Core.Session statement when it was executed.

Can someone please help me sort through the changes that Epicor has made when establishing a session to add materials & assemblies to the BOM.

With Kinetic 11.2, the Server code moved from using the .NET Framework to using .NET (aka .NET Core) and with that change, the use of WCF was deprecated. WCF is still supported but you have to specify which Services will use WCF (via a simple SQL Script) and then the AppServer must be restarted.

Search Help for WCF or contact Support for more information.

Our current app uses .Net 4.8 and is a Windows Form app. We are currently talking with Epicor support, but so far all they say is that it needs to be converted to use the APIs, however they also told us that when we upgrade to 11.1. It was someone on here that told us that the Business objects were still accessible.

Like Rich said, you should be able to keep running with it. He also said that it’s running on a deprecated stack. If you’re in a hurry to upgrade, you should be OK. At some point though, it will become more difficult to run, so you may want to make a plan to modernize the stack. You won’t like doing it under duress down the road.