Estimated Cost and This Level Esitmates

Our company has started an initiative to understand our inventory and cost better. It has started with the Production Detail report. This has led us to some questions.

Can someone explain to me "This Level Estimates in the Job Assembly "? Where do the estimates come from. I am aware that this is likely a loaded questions and will be fine if someone points me to the proper documentation.

What we are seeing particularly at our company is we do not expect our estimates to be what they are. I have looked into some of them and I have found that instead of an average (we are setup for average) cost for a purchased item it is using the last. In one case I found the material estimate was a sum of 6 pieces being bought. Weird stuff. It would be great to know where these values need to be entered in Epicor so we can get more accurate costing estimates. If possible it would be nice to know if there are any processes that we should be running like a Cost Rollup or COS\WIP Reconciliation.

All help is welcome.

Thank You
Shawn J

On EpicWeb look in the Documentation area for the Job Costing Technical Reference Manual.

“This Level Estimates” calculations are the part costs at “this” particular subassembly level, taken from estimated material, labor, burden, and subcontract on the subassembly itself. I’m not a finance person, and going much deeper than that gives me a headache… but the Tech Ref manual is 300+ pages of nirvana for people who like that stuff.

Me, I’d take the MRP Tech Ref manual any day. But it won’t answer your questions.

Ernie, I didn’t know that there are technical manuals out there until now. Lucky, I stumbled upon your post. This really helps me a lot to know how costs are getting calculated. Thank you very much!