Estimated Job Cost

I have a BAQ that needs the estimated cost of a job (roll-up of the material costs). And by “estimated” I mean the costs of the MOM, not actual costs that have been incurred.

Is the estimated cost for a job stored somewhere? Or must it be calculated on demand?

If it requires a cost roll-up, anyone have a sample BAQ?

Calvin - generally, QuoteMtl or JobMtl can be used to roll up to Est Cost. But JobAssm I think also have a total estimated cost once the job is created.

Is it a configured job? If so, once you do the ‘Get Details’ the estimated cost can be found in the QuoteMtl table.

If it’s not configured and the values are entered as fixed qty, then you can use JobMtl joined to PartCost to get a qty * cost=total (and summarize it). If its not configured and it’s set for Qty/Parent, then you’ll have to alos multiply by the Qty being produced to get your estimate.


The JobAsmbl table has estimates (TLE / LLE fields), might work for you.