Event Before Action Menu Click

Is it possible to have an event run against a selection in the Action Menu?

I would like to check some data in a before event of the Print Sales Ack in Order Entry. Not sure if it is possible and also how to reference the selection in code if it is possible.

Check out the Before Tool Click event in the Customization Wizard.

@josecgomez Thanks. I thought that might be it, but there was no option to select the tool click that I want to run against.

How can I find out what the name of the selection in the menu is?

Use a MessageBox to figure out the name ofthe tool you want to fire on


You’ll get a message box every time you click on someting… figure out what they Key is for the action you want and then you can do an IF args.Tool.Key==“MyToo”… do x y z


Oh man! That is awesome. Thanks for the help Jose!