Event to set date on row update

I’m starting to convert pages to Kinetic, so I’m new to using application studio.
I am trying to set a date on the part entry screen when the user selects Inspection Required from the inspection required dropdown.

On inspection required dropdown for the on create I’ve done this.

In the condition I am looking to see if the flag is a Y.

If it is true I am doing a row update. I’ve tried using just {Constant.Today}.

Then I have a data commit. I’m guessing that you have to commit the data.

When I look at my date field it is not being updated with the date. What am I doing wrong?

Hi Tammy,

A couple things to try. First, in your screen shot… is there a SPACE in your Ep Binding? Hard to tell… but it looks like there’s a space after Part.

For expression, I don’t know if you need the “new Date()” portion.

Just try: '{Constant.Today}'

Not 100% sure, but that’s my first thought anyway.

Also… I don’t know if you NEED the Data Commit. I don’t know that it hurts anything. So you can leave it in there and test both ways. But if the date gets set by your row-update, it should save over once you save the record.

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Eagle eyes :eagle: there was a space :smiley:
Thank you!


Oh, and I took off the New.Date. So on to testing, it is saving to the database now. Yay.


Did you test with and without the Data Commit? Just curious (for my own knowledge) if that is necessary or not, haha. I don’t typically add that in there, so I’m assuming it would work without.

Glad its working!!

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