EWA Data Collection

We have been trying to use the Kinetic Interface to collect data in our shop as we complete jobs. We have used it to backflush materials used, but find that it really doesn’t work very well. So, we were told by our consultants that we should use it to issue material instead of backflushing. However when we tried that we found that you can not issue materials through the Kinetic interface and tech support told us that we should be using EWA for this. However I can not find any information on how EWA works for completing jobs. Has anyone in the group used this feature? If so, how do you do it?
Also, does anyone know how to attach an employee to a user?


This one I can help. In User Account Maintenance, bring up the user and then go to the Company tab. You can assign an Employee and Workstation at the top of the form.

Mark W.

Thanks Mark. I didn’t put a workstation in…

Stuart Powell

Cookshack, Inc.

not sure exactly, but I suspect they mean that you start MES using this URL pointer to your EWA site on your Appserver. I just create an browser shortcut/icon on the desktop and set this as the URL: