I know this is a broad question, but I am going to ask anyway.

Our company spent a long time (3 dudes in a room for a year) converting our product configurator from DriveWorks (a CAD based configurator) to Epicor’s EWA configurator.

(We are running E10.2.300.0)

Then we tried to use the configurator on the website, and it is slower than molasses. (This is supposed to be a tool for our dealers).

Our configurator is big and complicated. There is probably a lot of little efficiency things we could do.

Has anyone used the EWC configurator yet? Does it perform better than the EWA configurator on the web?

I don’t want our guys to spend all the time converting from EWA to EWC if it isn’t going to run any faster on the web.


I didn’t realized they had different versions of the configurator system. Which one is used in the Epicor client?