Excluding Inactive Part in BAQ

Hello everyone,
I am making a report that shows the status of each part in BAQ. I want to show except for the inactive parts. Is it correct to set in Table criteria? How do I set it up?
Thank you in advance.

You need to set your constant to FALSE

Even though I set it like that, Inactive Parts keep appearing.
Is there anything additional I need to set up?


What’s your table 1 and what kind of join are you using there?

Table 1 is InnerSubQuery and the join is using “All rows from Part” .

Try changing your condition constant on the Part table from false to 0

I changed the condition constant in the parts table from false to 0, but still Inactive Part appears.

Can you please post a screencap of your general tab so we can see what other criteria you’ve got going on?
Like this:

Is it possible to show the WHERE clause at the bottom of this? If you can’t screencap this you should be able to click and drag the entire Query Phrase and past it into your post.