Expand Open With Selections?

Is it possible to expand on the list of Open With selections when right clicking on a field or cell? For example, my Dashboard displays the Employee ID as one of the columns. In the BAQ I have added the LIKE attribute EmpBasic.EmpID. The Open With option now displays, but only shows “Employee Entry” and “Employee Search”. I would also like to be able to open “Time and Expense Entry” with the selected Employee ID. Can this be done? Any sample code out there?

It’s called context menu maintenance. You can add all kinds of stuff in there.

Here’s a thread with some gotchas to look out for.

Thanks I will check it out.

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I followed the instruction and created the new context menu as below.

The menu shows up when I right click and the Time and Expense Entry launches. However, the EmpID is not copied over and opened in Time and Expense Entry. Am I missing something? I need to enter the EmpID and manually open record.

In my BAQ I have added the LIKE attribute linking EmpBasic.EmpID


I have problems with the time and expense entry screen in other areas as well. I have some BAQ gadgets on the homescreen to look at where people didn’t clock out. I should be able to send the employee ID when I click on a specific line, but it always opens the screen blank for some reason. I imagine those two issues are related. I’m guessing that it has to do with the fact that if you open that screen normally, it defaults to the person logged in. I wish I knew how to fix that too.