Expande/Collapse Panel Card Programatically?


Working in a UD02 screen, I’d like to collapse and disable a panel card based on the value of a field in UD02.

I thought about trying to bind the panel card to a dataview column and use row rules to disable the column.

Before I launch off on that, does anyone know a shortcut?



“Programmatically” is a loose term in App Studio. :rofl:

Buuuut, if I recall, you can use the property-set widget, enter the panel ID or whatever it needs, then set the “expanded” property to true.

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I did my example on a button click, but you can use whatever event you need.



Thanks, Hannah. The row rule disables the panel card okay, but doesn’t collapse it.

Row Rules isn’t appropriate for that.
You should be using an event.