Expenses Attachment Carried Over to Invoice

We are looking at using the Expense entry module alongside the Epicor Expense management mobile app. We are trying to figure out if there is a way to carry over attachments such as photos taken of receipts, to the invoice when the expense has been approved and submitted. Our finance team have said they need to see the photo of receipt and would just like it to be on the invoice when generated, rather than having to go into expense tracker to then launch the attachment there, but I can’t see a way that this is possible out of the box.
Is there anyway that someone has done this or something similar?

Out of the box, it’s definitely not going to happen. But you can write some bpm code to bring attachments from expenses to invoices. Or you could do something with a baq to show a list of attachments, possibly with links to files?

I’d take a close look at you’re business process though. What’s the benefit of having them in both places? You can have an approval process in expense entry to review and validate the expense is legit. That’s where it should happen.

Hi Bobby

Your idea of some BPM code is a good one as this should mean that the attachments added to Expense Entry will be available in the AP Invoice Entry too. Agreed that the approval process should be where validation is completed, however VAT (Tax) treatment and GL coding is a vital part of processing Employee Expenses and that is very much a finance task