Expenses by Department

That looks like what we need - thanks for pointing us in the right direction.

Tim Lester

Has anyone created a customization or know of a way using GL Controls that allows for expenses to be distributed to different departments in a plant based on a percentage value? For example, if we assign the Production Department with 75%, Sales Department with 10% and Engineering Department with 15%. When we enter our utility electric bill for the month - let's say $1000, the system would then apply $750 to Production Dept GL account, $100 to Sales GL account and $150 to Eng GL account. Obviously this is a very simple example and with numerous expenses across multiple plants it's not a simple solution. 

We are looking for a solution that does not require an AP clerk to calculate each departments percentage every month, she would just enter the expense amount each month. We would need something that allows us to assign different percentage values to each department based on the expense type.

We are running 9.05.702A.

Thanks for any ideas.

Tim Lester

In AP/setup -- there is a module called ALLOCATION that we use to apply allocations to various departments.