Exploding purchased parts (not that way!) & inventorying them

We’re getting requests to slice and dice parts and data lots of different ways, and doing all we can to not create more UD fields every time.

This time, we’re purchasing a part, which is taken apart, and we inventory the breakdown parts. The top level purchased part looks like it isn’t sold often, so it keeps getting added to the run-out eligible list, but we use the sub-parts. Is there a better way to identify these than adding a sub-kit UOM?

If these parts have Methods/Revisions you can instead check one of your Method Related fields to limit your Run-Out List (Assuming your run out list is a BAQ):
-LowLevelCode (lowest level the part shows up in another method)
-Method boolean value if the part has a method or not.
-Perhaps you can check the activity of the related method?
-Or include purchase history in the Run Out eligible BAQ.

To avoid adding UD fields, I will sometimes use User Codes, adding a User Code record with a certain User Code Type value. I setup the Code Type to auto sequence and I set the Part number in the Description field (short description). This way I can maintain multiple endless lists of different types of parts. Makes it easy to query too for Dashboards and BAQ Searches.

Just wondering what your breakdown/inventory process looks like?
Done by receiving personnel? via Mfg jobs?