Export All users personalizations en mass?

I’m trying to determine if it is possible to export 1781 users personalizations in one process. I have reviewed the various personalization management tools and found nothing unless I repetitively save them out one at a time. I also explored the Ice.XXXDef and Ice.XXXChunk tables and that looked promising. A BAQ reveals the content and I am speculating that the Ice.XXXChunk.Chunk field might be some sort of compressed form of the personalization xml. Can anyone offer more information of how personalizations are stored, and if in these two tables, can they be exported and later imported into a personalization-purged copy of the LIVE db?
Any advice or insight into how they are stored and could be made portable en mass would be appreciated.


See if Solution Workbench will do what you’re looking for.



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Gives an Idea of how they are stored.

-- Order Tracker
-- Migrate: 191010_SalesOrderTracker to 200430_SalesOrderTracker
UPDATE Ice.XXXDef SET Key3 = 'Customization^200430_SalesOrderTracker' WHERE 
	SystemFlag = 0
	AND ProductID = 'EP'
	AND TypeCode = 'Personalization' 
	AND Key2 = 'App.SalesOrderTracker.SalesOrderTrackerForm' 
	AND Key3 = 'Customization^191010_SalesOrderTracker'
	AND SysCharacter04 = 'PASS'
	AND SysCharacter05 = '3.2.400.0';

Sorry for the delayed response and a Thank you to both suggestions.
I will look into both of these more. The window, opportunity and timing did not work out for this initial request however it will come again. Thank you Joe and Haso! I appreciate it very much!