Export BAQ

Has anyone run into an issue with their BAQ results not allowing you to export them to Excel? My “copy to Excel” option is grayed out. Why would this happen?


In BAQ Designer or a deployed dashboard?

Do you have Excel installed on your machine?


BAQ Designer

deploy dashboard as assembly in the menu maintenance?

I selected test and I can see the results of my query but, when I right click the copy to excel is grayed out.

Does “Copy to Excel” show in other parts of the client program (i.e. built-in grids)?

Try deploying it fully and adding it to the menu as a Dashboard Assembly (not Runtime).

Is the result of the BAQ more than 65,000 rows?

Thinking maybe it disables the “Copy to Excel” feature when the row count exceeds the max num of rows in an XLS file (note, that I didn’t say XLSX)

It does not appear to be that long. I will modify the report to get a smaller result and test that.

I tested on 10.2.300 with 70,000 rows of every field from PartTran, and the “Copy to Excel…” was still available for me. But my thought was that 10.2.300 is well after XLSX files (and their million plus max rows), so I wouldn’t see it.

Are the other “Copy…” functions (“Copy All”, “Copy All Include Labels”, “Copy Selection”, etc…) enabled?

Also, take a look at:

None of the other copy features are available. I will keep trying to determine what the problem could be. Thank you for all of your responses.

Could you send a screenshot of the menu and dashboard?

Are you in version 9? Did you validate what @Jason_Woods suggested to you?