Export Client – XML and PDF Documents are not exported for some cases

  • IDC application imports the document from the watched folder.
  • It goes to the classify, Capture, Verify, export and then Completed stage. When Check the status in the batch report it shows the completed status. But the XML and Pdf files are not generated for some of the Batches.
  • When I check the Exportclient log (C:\Users\Public\Ancora\ExportClient),

Some of the Batch ID are not received in the Export Client process due to that it is not performing export for those documents.

But it receives some Batch IDs on the Export client services process and it export XML & PDF files properly for those Batches.

We want to know why all the Batch ID are not received on the Export Client Process. (Due to that the XML file and PDF files are not generated for all the imported documents even though the document status shows as Completed)

Export Client Log file

Batch - Report

@Chandrasekar in IDC, each batch is processed through a series of services (you can see them in Windows Services app) and their movement between services is handled by the Client Manager. It monitors the document/batch status as each process completes its part, then changes the status so the next service can pick up the batch.

Each of the logs in the “\users\public\Epicor IDC” directory will combine and show the full path of the batch/document’s travel through the processes. You’ll need to find that path in order to really see where things are not showing up where you expect. Plus, double check that Batch definition includes all the Document Types you wish exported and that the XML and PDF tabs have what you expect on them. It never hurts to have a second pair of eyes look at these settings in order to scrutinize them.