Export Data from Grid list to Excel, time/date stamp on excel


I am exporting from the Purchase Order Entry, in Kinetic. I export the grid to an excel file, and the dates came out as XX/XX/XXXX.

Fast forward to today. The dates come out as 2014-04-16T00:00:00.

I can not figure out for the life of me how this is happening, I export out of pilot and get the XX/XX/XXXX format. Others export out of their profiles and get that format too.

How do I get the XX/XX/XXXX back into my export? I’m trying to avoid having to to a txt to column step.

Hi @lbradbury ,

I think this will answer your question.
Go to Control Panel and the Region
There change the time format to whatever you want.
It will automatically change it as soon as you change the format and click on Apply button:

Thank you for the reply, unfortunately this didn’t solve the excel export out of epicor.

I just came across this. Format your cells to custom with the type as per the screen below. After that, you can reformat them into XX/XX/XXXX. Happy days.