Export of Editable Function Library is read only when imported into another environment

Current version of on-premise, Kinetic. Our Developr @r0lovic is having a problem with importing our Function Library into another environment. They are being exported as “editable,” but are, in fact, read-only.

We have searched the forum and found some related problems, but no solution for us:


Any other ideas or anybod experiencing this recently with a solution?

How are you importing it?

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It was a security issue. I was trying to edit the library under a different username. I find it strange that only the owner can edit the library. I would think that anyone that had the ability to edit libraries would be able to, especially if I (not the owner of the library) can change the owner to myself.


I think you can make them editable by other users by sharing them with security groups “EfxAdmin”, “EfxDeveloper”, and “EfxPowerDeveloper”

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I thought the same thing as well. The user (not the owner) that was trying to access the library belongs to all three of those security groups. That’s why I thought there wouldn’t be an issue accessing a library owned by another user.

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Thank you for the response. I tried both methods of exporting/importing and through a solution with the library marked “editable”. It turns out that it as a user security issue.

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