Extended ASCII Characters

What’s the scoop on using extended ASCII characters in Epicor?
Accents, symbols, etc?

Does it behave or will it cause issues?

I’ve encountered issues with a record separator character (hex value 0x1E) copied and pasted from Excel into Epicor (or perhaps loaded via DMT) caused reports to not print.

I’d also stay away from the tilde (~) as that is a record separator in address lists.

I’ve not had issues with other symbols, so I think in general anything you can type should work. Just be sure to test it with printing reports, as that is most likely where it will fail.


+1 to what Craig said but Epicor is Unicode so we have had no trouble with non-English alphabets.


Oh, and use Excel for DMT. Yes, you can have Unicode text files, but we seemed to loose our umlauts more often when using them. Not sure why. :man_shrugging:

I had to add the ™ symbol to some of our part descriptions. I think a few reports balked (at least back when we were on V8 / Progress)

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We used ± and § at my last place in description/comment fields. We had a bad import of a customer where the CustID had two tabs, that always sucked in exporting but Epicor never had issues.