External dll execution

Hello, I deployed an Api in localhost in the same machine as my epicor client. On a trigger, my custom dll calls my API to do custom processing on epicor. The problem I have is in the call itself. I’m wondering if the dll is executed in the server of epicor or in the machine of the client. The error message : Unable to connect to the remote server No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it

What are you trying to accomplish? The Business Problem - not the technical problem.

I think you will find that external dlls are harder to maintain. Do we write C# code and distribute a dll to our Excel users or do we try to use Macros or the JavaScript API? If you learn the framework, I think you will create more value for your users.


I need to make the job creation and method generation for custom part automatic. My dll just contains a call to my api which does all the work and connect to epicor to update it. I dont have to worry about the dll maintenance. @Mark_Wonsil .

Is your call to the custom api performed in a Form customization, or a BPM? Form customization would be called from the client, BPM would be called from the server.

@andrew.johnson I guess BPM, it’s in a Data Directive