External Doc or UD table?

We have a list of about 1000 contacts from a legacy system. It’s a bit of a mess, to say the least. Even if the data were formatted correctly, we have no idea how good it is. And fewer than 200 of them can be easily tied to a customer within Epicor.

There is a desire to “bring it into Epicor.” I am a little hesitant to import a pile of junk into the Person/Contact table and am contemplating two other options:

  1. A UD table, exposed via a dashboard. Users can have access to the data and can review as they need to

  2. A link in Epicor to a read-only spreadsheet stored somewhere. Same result: users have access from within Epicor can review. I am not quite sure how these work, but I believe it’s possible.

Assuming I can convince the users that “accessible from Epicor” is good enough (vs. importing a bunch of junk into the PerCon table), is there a reason to favor one of the two options over the other?

It seems wasteful to use one of the UD tables, but we are only using a handful right now anyway. And I assume, if necessary, we can re-purpose it later.


Yeah go with UD table its pretty darn easy

How about an External BAQ.

That way you keep the Dashboard part i.e. same look and feel as all the rest of Epicor.