External UBAQ

So I am trying to create an external UBAQ. The regular BAQ works fine, but I will need to make this updateable in order to write to UD tables. (I’ll be using a C# code block)

When I make the updateable, if I just add a simple message box to pop up on post processing in get list, I get this message. No matter what I do in the actual BPM, when trying to save the enabled BPM I get this message. If the BPM is disabled, I can save it fine. I don’t know what else to try.

Any ideas?

That looks like a data type mismatch somewhere, but it’s hard to know more from the message alone. Does the external table have any fields that Epicor can’t work with?

Yeah, I found this thread,

And combined that info with with this page

And figured out there was a float data type in there, so I converted/cast it to a decimal and now it seems to work fine.

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