F-Secure has quarantined the DMT


That is true, but F-Secure needs to work better... if they had it fixed once why did they break it again? I'm not that impressed...


Ernie Lowell

Diba Industries

Got into work this morning, and our corporate version of F-Secure has decided that the DMT is a Trojan and has cleaned my PC (and the rest of the network) of the infection. They called it Trojan.Generic.11667911, and their website just said it "exhibited Trojan-like behavior".

Ah, technology.

Ernie Lowell

Diba Industries

Hi Ernie,

Just chiming in to say you are not alone -- Thank goodness for your post! We had the same thing happen (on this date as well), and it took me a while to stop thinking I was going crazy when I would re-download it from EpicWeb and it would instantly disappear...

File excluded from the search and all is happy in the world!

Alexandra Gaigelas

Fear not Alexandra,

My IT guy sent the file in to F-Secure and they have since added it to their "allowed programs" list. We had to do that so it would run on our remote desktop server (or whatever they call it now in Server 2012).

It DID make for a couple of exciting days...


And this morning I discover F-Secure once again will not let me use the DMT.



I am pretty sure that this is related to an "update" to the DMT application. Did you guys say Yes when prompted to update the app? We reverted back to an older DMT version and haven't had an issue since -- just making sure to hit NO when it prompts to update. We are on 702A.