F6 Print Screen Not Working After Upgrade

Our company just upgraded from Vantage 6.10 to Epicor 10.200. In Vantage, we used to use the F6 key to print an active window, such as the Costs tab in Job Tracker. Since the upgrade, F6 seems to no longer work. Does anyone have any suggestions?


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Thanks for the information!

I’m not sure what Ninite has to do with the print screen not working (very useful tool though!)

What actually controlled the print screen function? Was it an application or a customization within Epicor?

nothing. But if you have greenshot, then you don’t need it. I’m wondering if that’s why it went away, because windows has lots of ways to handle it on it’s own.

I wonder if F6 was a shortcut for a 3rd party app to snapshot. If so, is that app still installed? Is the shortcut key the same? If yes to both of those answers, perhaps the new version of E10 added a shortcut for F6 which is stealing it from your app.

When we upgraded from Vantage 6.10 to Epicor 10.1 last year, we also noticed that F6 for screen print was no longer available. I believe F6 was built into Vantage since it had its own “Screen Print” window and pressing the “Help” button opened the Vantage Help Screen.

We did not figure out how to screen print in Epicor, but our users have been using the Microsoft Windows “Snipping Tool” that comes with Windows to take screenshots, markup and paste into emails.

You should check out Greenshot like @Banderson suggested. It’s MILES above snipping tool, plus you can set it up to copy the active window on a shortcut key


May I suggest F6? :wink:

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In Windows, Alt+PrtScr copies the current window to the clipboard

With Greenshot installed Alt+PrtScr copies the current window and displays it (for you to add annotations). You can then print right from the Greenshot window

I think he’s got it guys…


But it’s still not marked as solved !!!

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Thank you all for the advice! I just downloaded Greenshot and it works exactly as I had hoped.

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Best way is to take a picture of screen with cell phone, email picture and then print it.

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