Failing to publish Job Rcpt To Inv MES Customization


I’m trying to test a customization for the MES for the label printing, but I’m not having any luck publishing the customization.

What am I over looking?

I looked at doing the menu item itself, but the customzation doesn’t appear, so I was trying to set it up under Process Maintenance.

Hopefully I’m just overlooking something simple!

From this angle, it looks right. Have you verified your sending form is actually Erp.UI.RcptToInvEntry.dll?

Usually I dont think it includes the “.dll”.

Process Maintenance is fickle at best. Go into MES in Customization mode and click the button you should get a little box that shows Calling Program, Called Menu etc…
Does that show UDMES2? or does it just show Erp.UI.RcptToInvEntry.dll
If it shows the DLL and not the menu you may ahve to replace the button.

Process calling shows this:


I tried adding that in the Called from, but that didn’t seem to do anything.

Modify that me IMGO3001 change the customization on that guy

That does not display the customization I made in the MES

That’s becasue you are in a multi-company environment. You need to go to Actions -> Clone for current company.


In E10.1 MES, a Cloud Multi-Tenent (MT) Customer can create a Customization for a MES Button that calls a Base Form, like Work Queue. However, since a Cloud MT Customer can’t deploy a Customization to a Base Menu, how does a Cloud MT Customer deploy this Work Queue Customization?

In Menu Maintenance, select the Base Work Queue Menu from the Tree. Then select Actions > Copy to Current Company. This creates a copy of the Work Queue Menu, however, the Module will be UD and the Owning Company will be that of the current Cloud MT Company. In the Customization field, select the drop down list and then the Customization. Save the Changes. The next time MES runs, the Work Queue Customizatoin will display.

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Clone for current company is what worked and got me squared away, Thanks!

One more quick question . . WIP Qty should theoretically only display the quantity of parts in open jobs, correct?

Ie, if I close the job, those pieces would disappear.