Fax Server/Software and Vantage

We have used Zetafax (www.zetafax.com) for 4 yrs. Works great with Vantage
and other programs. Works as you described - it is simply a printer the
user can select and faxes from the server. We also use it to receive our
faxes and auto forward them to certain users. Have never had a problem.
I am just starting to look into the possibility of setting up a fax server
on our NT network. My initial theory is that each user has a "printer"
installed that says "Fax Server". Then when they print from Vantage they
should be able to select that Fax printer and print to the server. So here
are my questions.

A- Is there a problem with this theory?

B- What OS and Fax software would you all recommend.

Thanks in advance.

Jim Carnes
IS Admin
Kenlee Precision