FedEx Ship Manager Server software update for 2017

We are running 9.05.701 SQL - FedEx Server 8.54

I am told by FedEx that they have a new 9.xx version and they will not allow the use of the 8.xx software some time in 2017.

I thought I read somewhere that this new version has some compatibility issues or no longer supports some package types. I can’t find where I read that.

Does anybody here use FedEx Ship Manager and knows if this upgrade is OK ?


Why not look to something like Epicor Manifest or Agile ship? Then version dependency per vendor is no longer your problem to worry about. Granted each of those come with their own headaches, but at least you have a single company to lean on other than the giant like UPS or FedEx

Joshua Giese
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Yes, I agree that is the way to go in the future.
We will be doing that when we upgrade to 10.xx, unfortunately FedEx is requiring an update to their software before we switch.


I agree with Josh. We use Insite Manifest for UPS, FedEx, and USPS shipments. It simplifies the process for us by adding misc charges for freight to pack slip (and invoice) and processing the international shipping documents.

The integration makes shipping simple.

Bryan DeRuvo

We are currently using Insite Manifest but we had to use FedEx software for some reason I will have to find out.I think I will contact Insite Manifest and FedEx and see what their take is on this.Thanks,Neil

Please let the rest of us know how this turns out and mark one of the posts as completed so that searching users know they can find an answer here.