FedEx tracking dashboard

I am looking for creative solutions that people have implemented for getting insight into their FedEx package tracking.
We don’t ship hardly anything directly and instead, our partners ship inventory we own out of their facilities and give us the tracking number as confirmation.

I tried the email “integration” for tracking wherein you can dump an account code and up to 30 tracking numbers into an email endpoint and FedEx theoretically spits back the status of those packages, but I’m finding this to be spotty at best.
Maybe some sort of lightweight web app that pulls those tracking numbers from Epicor and feeds them into some API to get the status?
Any ideas are appreciated!

Fedex has a tracking service WSDL

Which you can (should be able to) poke at from inside Epicor.


In Customer Shipment Entry there is a button called “Tracking Details” which shows the tracking information based on the Tracking Number entered there. Ship Via needs to be setup for this to work.

If all you want is to see the tracking details, you can look into the BO used by that button and use it to get the information from withing Epicor.

Vinay Kamboj

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Hey Vinay,
I have the ship via’s set up for this, but to my knowledge the Customer Shipment Entry button simply invokes a URL with the tracking number wrapped into the query parameters. For example, if it’s a fedex shipment and the ship via is configured to be wrapped in the proper tags, clicking the “tracking details” button launches a browser and points the URL to the fedex site and inserts the tracking number into the URL.
I am looking to be able to see the “status” for a bunch of shipments, i.e. a dashboard with the order, tracking num, and a returned status (“out for delivery”, “delivery exception”, etc.), not on an individual basis. Does the BO used for that contain that functionality to your knowledge or do you think I’ll have to go the WSDL route?

Since you’re already doing cloud stuff, is there a way to subscribe to a feed? That way you can write a little script that updates the “latest” status value (and timestamp) right in Epicor as the updates arrive. You can still use the Shipment Tracker for viewing the whole chain but this would make your dashboard a lot easier.