Field Format on Form Customisation (Kanban Receipts)

I want to amend the Kanban Receipts form in E10 to show whole numbers for the Quantity, Scrap Qty and NC Qty as the form is for specific areas in our manufacturing process and we can only make whole parts.

I have tried changing the input mask which works when the form loads, but when the part number the part number is selected the format reverts to 2 decimal places. I have also tried using the Extended Property Wizard in this post but still no joy. Any suggestions?

I have the same problem. Does anyone have a solution on this?

I asked this question prior to our upgrade from Vantage, and we decided the way to approach this in E10 was to make use of the UOM and set all the affected parts to only allow transactions in whole units. This means as soon as you enter the part number in Kanban Receipts the UOM is picked up and the quantity field automatically changes to match. Hope this helps.


Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately that will not work in our situation. We have other parts that require the decimal for calculation.

You have other parts that require decimal? So it’s different parts that require whole numbers and decimals, or the same part could need to be booked as a whole number or a decimal?

If it’s different parts then the suggestion works as you set the UOM against the part… if that makes sense?