Filtering search-show with Data View value

I’m trying to filter the search panel for one filter with the value of another. Basically selecting the Warehouse and then filtering the WhseBin by it’s WarehouseCode.

I’ve been successful in filtering it with the “Pre Load Search Filter”, but if I select a warehouse, search bins, cancel, change warehouse, and search bins again it will leave the filter with the original warehouse value that was selected. The value of my “Pre Load Search Filter” is “WarehouseCode = ‘{ReportParam.Filter1}’”. Invalidating the cache did not cause it to refresh that. I’m assuming that setting the template once is a bug and I’ll likely confirm with Epicor support tomorrow, but for now I wanted to see if anyone knew of an alternative.

Example debugging:

Things I’ve tried:

  • Use Get Rows and attempt to Override whereClauseWhseBin with a where statement. Unfortunately I couldn’t figure out the proper override setup
  • BAQ search with no parameters and a pre load filter, but couldn’t get that to filter. It would likely fail to update the filter anyway. Is it possible to override the ExecuteFilter that it sends in the executionParams?
  • BAQ search with parameter, but couldn’t find a way to pass the value into the parameter without it prompting the user with a sub panel.

As a side note: the value is properly set to ReportParam.Filter2, but the chip lookup doesn’t update with any selection like the one for Filter1 does. I’ll worry about that once I can get my search to actually work

Epicor version is

So… this is working in 2023.1.4 :man_shrugging:t2:

Company is upgrading to 2023.1.4 this weekend so I recreated the issue in the test environment.

The original issue would convert the expression into whatever the first warehouse selected was

Now in the latest version it will leave the expression alone and only fill in the blank when it goes to do the call you can see in the network tab

Was a bug which is now fixed. My guess would be the case I had opened is just closed and you wait to do anything fancy until you upgrade to a newer Epicor

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