Financial Report Designer - Calculated Fields

I am using the Financial Report Designer to create a Profit and Loss report. I have a few totals that need to use subtraction to get the correct number. Is there any way to do this? I can’t find any documentation anywhere that mentions it and I have looked through everything in the screens. It seems like you can only add to get totals for the report.

Thank you!

There’s the “Reverse Sign” setting for rows


I’m not sure if that just affects the formatting of that printed row, or if it changes the sign of the value used to add to the “Total to Name”

You may have to rethink your variables (the names in the “Total to Name”). You can “skip around”.

In the following, I use temp name like SR_PROP, to hold the value I want to print, but add it to a different variable. Figure out which you want to subtract, and just don’t add that to the “Total to Name”


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Thank you for the suggestions! This is close to what I need. The reverse sign seems to work. My problem now is I have to total from other totals. So I would need duplicate Total Fields for certain entries. Do you know if there is a way I can add a row, have it total, but hide it so the data has been generated with the report but you can’t see it. This way I could give it a different “Total To Name” and use it to total on my other row.