Financial Reporting Tool Options

Hi all,

We went live with Epicor a few months ago and I have been disappointed with all of the financial reporting tools that have been made available to us so far.

The financial report writer is terrible in my opinion, as I can’t even make a Statement of Cash Flows with it. All other reports have to be exported into Excel and manipulated.

EDA does not provide a live time connection to our database as we are a cloud customer. The data in here is constantly lagging by one day.

I just learned that XL Connect limits our access to a number of useful datasets (AR Invoice, Labor Detail, AP Invoice, etc.) due to the fact that we have the cloud license. (Amount of processing time on large data sets?) This has been our favorite so far, but we get errors every time we try to pull data from what seems like a significant amount of datasets.

I would be curious to hear what financial reporting tools other companies use and prefer? Can’t seem to find a useful option…

Spreadsheet server

We’re on premise - I have no idea whether this is available with cloud, but its a great tool.